16.Sep.2023 NEW OPEN

金沢ジャズライブハウス&バーAsile アジールのステージ





“Asile” is a French word meaning “sanctuary,” “refuge,” or “safe place”. We have christened this location “Asile,” positioning it as a “domain free of constraints” or a “realm of freedom,” where musical expressions can freely take place.

Music isn’t just about performing. Listening, gaining knowledge about your favorite genres and artists, the stories behind favorite tracks, or even rediscovering music you once loved, all form part of the musical experience. From all of these, one can learn something new and potentially life-changing. History has proven the profound influence that a single song or band can have on the world and its people. Indeed, such a butterfly effect has been known to bring about change.

The inception of music lies in our everyday lives. Music begins with a simple handclap or foot stomp. Asile is a place to freely enjoy sound – that is the essence of “Asile”. Here, you can listen to, observe, feel, and discuss music. We host artists’ performances and, embracing the theme of “enjoying all sounds,” invite creators from various genres to engage in intimate talk sessions that one would rarely encounter elsewhere.

You can live the moment when performances of those who create new expressions and values intersect at this “Asile”.

ジャズライブハウス&バー 金沢Asile アジールの運営会社、OPENSAUCEロゴ